Many people now prefer to modernise their homes or alter them to suit changing needs, rather than undertaking the stress of moving house and cost of stamp duties, estate agent commission and removalists.

We have extensive experience in assisting with clients to achieve optimum results with renovations and additions to existing houses, skilfully matching the style of the original building.  We ensure that the new add-on joins seamlessly to create a stunning new residence.

We can advise our clients on smart ways to update or change aspects of their houses which no longer work for them.  New parents may need an additional bedroom for the baby or retirees may want to open up empty bedrooms into larger living areas.  3D views of renovations enable the identification of potential problems between old and new structures, especially the roof, at the design stage.  Clients with disabilities may need an access ramp or wheelchair-friendly doorways installed.

We are also able to provide designs for projects when single storey homes have been raised to accommodate an additional ground floor.  Highset homes, that is, single storey homes on poles, offer scope to expand the living area or create garages by enclosing the space under the house.