We can advise you about environmentally responsible and energy efficient principles to ensure the best possible solar passive design for your family's home.  Maximise the unique features of your block by orienting the structure to best advantage.  Our preparatory discussions could include issues such as thoughtful set out of the building envelope and window placement to avoid the heat of the westerly afternoon sun on living areas and obtain optimum access of natural light from the easterly morning sun.

3D shadow diagrams are available to show how the solar angle will affect shadows across your proposed home at various times of the year.  Deep eaves will shield windows from the overhead summer sun, while lowset windows will allow the lower angles of the winter sun to penetrate the home.

Building designs for a subtropical climate consider factors like low thermal mass building materials such as timber framing, floors and cladding.  Sensible placement of windows and louvres capture the prevailing breezes to achieve cross flow ventilation throughout the dwelling.  Bi-fold and sliding glass doors maximise the indoor-to-outdoor flow to the entertainment area, pool and garden.  Large, covered exterior decks are essential to the Queensland lifestyle, as are deep roof eaves for protection from torrential rain.  Provision can be made in the design to include grey water treatment systems for garden irrigation and solar heating systems.

A split level home or pole home is often the ideal design to allow passive cooling through air flow beneath the structure.  These architectural styles also reduce extensive earthmoving on a steeply sloping site, which in turn reduces problems caused by drainage, erosion and instability.

Designs for coastal and waterfront homes consider the effects of the coastal environment on the exterior structure.  Exposure to the harsh elements of sun, salt and wind require the specification of tough, hard-wearing building materials that do not corrode or rust, such as colorbond roofs, aluminium window frames and stainless steel railings.